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Moscow / Curator Sveta Nikolaeva / +7 919 990 42 25

"Autobiografia" car dealer center, St.Petersburg
31 october 2010
Artists: Marina Fedorova, Sergey Borisov

The exhibition of has been held as a part of “Jaguar Weekend” in “Autobiografia” car dealer center on the 31st of October.


Realistic artwork was represented by Marina Fedorova, Dmitry Shorin and Andrei Medvedev. Sophisticated paintings by Ivan Pliusch. Pure romantic images by the Spanish master of photography Isabel Munoz. Featured abstract sculpture by Sergei Borisov.


This exhibition is a dimensional and sociological art-experiment.

It is also an educational project. If you don’t have time to visit museum or gallery expect art to meet you in the most unexpected place. Some kind of a consumeristic compromise.

One might wonder how does the interaction emerge. The interaction of the artwork with bargaining and obtaining technical support visitors of Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo car-dealer’s center in its frigid hi-tack architecture.

To a greater extent this is a question of individual perception and specific vision.


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