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Moscow / Curator Sveta Nikolaeva / +7 919 990 42 25

Central Museum of Physical Culture and Sports
Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation, Moscow
31 january 2011
Artist: Kirill Kipyatkov

The artwork of young St.Petersburg artist Kirill Kipyatov attracts with its bright spread of colors and composition where figurative meets abstract. Realistic motifs in his paintings acquires additional dynamic dimension created by colored geometric structures. In his paintings the artist attempts to depict the joy of color and the process of painting itself. Thin relations connecting Kirill Kipyatkov with his mediums such as - paint, brush and canvas and the pleasure of painting leads to appearance of an artwork in which the whole space is about to be filled in with the abstract which has embodied an inexplicable ornamental pattern that exists by its own laws of color and gravity. However we recognize by the drawn human figures the academic painter who is in search of interesting stylistic and coloristic solutions.

Nowadays the sports itself whether it’s amateur or professional has became an integral part of the society closely targeting on the beauty, health, perfectionism and entertainment. Therefore directly or indirectly the sports has been integrated into our everyday life. The sports theme is of great importance for Kirill Kipyatkov. It’s not as a photography or a still image of the sports news report neither it is a reflection of a flickering television screen broadcasting the event. The sports of Kirill Kipyatkov is a motivation for creativity through personal practice of rowing, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cross country skiing, karate. Undoubtedly the sports means a lot to the artist, as well as to all of us because it is peace and progress, it is fruitfulness and joy, it is generosity and challenge, it is a fair play…


“The Colors of Sports” exhibit by Kirill Kipyatkov held in the Central Museum of Physical Culture and Sports, Kazakova St. 18/2.

The new century has been oriented towards the beauty and youth, sports and well being, high spirits and freshness of body. Kirill Kipyatkov’s (date of birth 1987) exhibit “The colors of Sports” once again confirms this statement by exposing all above mentioned in his artworks. The young and promising artist has been discovered by St.Petersburg gallery of contemporary art “Luch” (Eng. – “Ray”). A professional painter and restorer, a graduate of the Academy of fine art and industry of A.L.Schtiglitz is working with the material in accordance with his major. Kirill Kipyatkov has been simultaneously involved in restoration of Church of the Assumption in Saint Ambrose of Optina, the Senate and Senode building of the Head Quarter and has been actively practicing contemporary art.


Although he does not lack in professionalism Moscow exhibition is the first in young artists’ career. His types of sports such as rowing, soccer, volleyball, tennis, skiing, karate are very good. (Naturally it is different 

form the sports of Alexander Daneiko or Gregory Gurianov).

Kirill himself exercises a lot what makes his artworks even more natural and credible for the audience. Kirill Kipyatkov believes that his artworks are not realistic at all. He considers that “figurative meets the abstract where realism acquires an additional dynamic dimension created by colored geometric structures" in his paintings.

A healthy lifestyle trend is in fashion again as well as the fine art. Peter Greenway had a lecture on the subject (not sports but fine art) at Kandisky awards ceremony. Well let’s see what happens next. Or may be we won’t see it.


MAN and Lyudmila Novikova, 45th edition. December 24, 2011. Timothy Izotov at Volgograd Prospekt, AES + F in the "Triumph", Kirill Kipyatkov at the Museum of Sports and problems in the museum Siddur.

The Moscow Art Week.


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