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Andrey Lublinsky was born in 1972 in Leningrad.

Professional designer and artist, graduate of the State Academy of Art and Design, St. Petersburg.

Diploma theme: "Play as a design method". Trained at the Higher Art School "Berlin - Weissensee" (Germany).

Curator of the Communication Design profile at the School of Design in St. Petersburg.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Member of the Witchcraft Artists group.

"GoodBad" SERIES

The GoodBad series is about 350 characters created by Andrey Lublinsky.


Some of them are heroes of the artist's own mythology, some are original versions of cult figures from history and various spheres of contemporary culture. Anyone can be found in his collection - from politicians and cartoon characters to religious figures and pets.


The presented work consists of landscapes, printed on wood panels, brought to graphic minimalism, based on the most trivial photographs of tourist views of Moscow and St. Petersburg, found on the Internet. Despite a certain degree of conventionality, familiar street curves, majestic architecture, as well as other characteristic features of the urban landscape are easily guessed in the images, that inevitably plunges the viewer into the unique atmosphere of the two capitals.


Suprematist Mickey Mouse. The author used the famous painting by K. Malevich "Sportsmen" as a visual code for creating a new object-character. Composed of simple geometric shapes, Mickey Mouse refers to the works of the Suprematists and to the aesthetics of the Bauhaus and the Memphis group also. There are about 15 objects in the "Suprematist" series, united by the same shape, each of it is with a unique graphic.

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