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Moscow / Curator Sveta Nikolaeva / +7 919 990 42 25



Was born in Novorossiysk. In 1983 he moved to Leningrad. In the mid-80s he worked in the "New Artists" group founded by Timur Novikov. From 1986, he played the bass guitar in rock-group "Kino", created a decorations for "Kino" and "Pop-Mechanic" concerts.
One of the first Krisanov became a member of the “Club of Friends of V.V. Mayakovsky”. With artists Sergey Bugayev-Africa, Inal Savchenkov and S. Enkov he was a participant of the “Novorossiysk group”.
Andrei Krisanov designed the cover of the "Blood type" album of the "Kino" group (1988). He acted in some cult films of the 80s, incl. "ASSA" (dir. Sergey Soloviev, 1988) and "ROCK" (dir. Alexey Uchitel, 1987).


2018 "... and, of course, football!" Museum of Moscow
2014 "My work of art is myself" (dedicated to George Guryanov). Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
2013 "ASSA: the latest generation of the Leningrad avant-garde." Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg
2013 "Music of the Wind" (with I.Ryatov). Ultramarine Art Gallery, St. Petersburg
2012 "Hot cold". Loft project "Etazhi", St. Petersburg
2012 "New coming!". MMOMA, Moscow
2012 "Switch on / switch off" (with I.Sotnikov and V.Gutsevich). Ultramarine Art Gallery, St. Petersburg
2011 "New Artists. 1982-1987". Panopticon INUTERO, Moscow
1985 "Happy New Year!" Leningrad rock club, Leningrad


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